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Angela Rosa R.N.

Barefoot Doctor
Licensed Massage Therapist
Integrated Medicine Consultant
Nutritional, Herbal, Medical
and Aromatic Therapies
Vibrational Medicine

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Introduction and Purpose


Angela Rosa is a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Medical Aromatherapist and Integrative Health Consultant. With over 40 years of experience, she has dedicated her journey to the distillation and practice of time honored and current natural health practices, honing them to the ESSENTIALS of creating health.

She is a health educator, coach and advocate; known as a Barefoot Doctor in her community on the Big Island of Hawaii. Barefoot Doctoring is not a profession, degree, license or certification. It is the urge to care itself, to help life flourish in the personal, community and planetary dimensions. A barefoot Doctor can influence their own health and those that they touch. If they are truly wise, this touch is like a green thumb offering the way to thrive. To read more about Barefoot Doctoring go to Dr. Jim Berg's Barefoot Doctor Academy's website.

Generally she works with clients the world over on a "one to one" basis, assisting them to create vibrant health by orchestrating with them a personalized health care plan, designed to release, repair and regenerate.

She enjoys sharing SIMPLE, natural, health enhancing techniques one can easily incorporate into daily life. She focuses on the ESSENTIAL understandings of how we create health and the root cause of all disease. She especially enjoys sharing information about plants as allies in the creation of health. From the foods we eat, to the household and personal care products we use, she brings the magic of plant medicine, non toxic products and natural techniques into our daily lives to support health.

In these pages she will offer information, ideas, resources and skills for creating health, making or purchasing simple products and enabling you to make effective health choicess. This will support you in creating the good health you deserve. This website is a collection of information based on research and experience, useful in providing a personal reference guide. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace your Doctor's medical advice. It is intended to empower you to take charge of your health. There are years of research in these pages, too much to read at one sitting. It is meant to be used as a reference you will want to revisit as your health needs require.

Angela is available for remote consultation, via phone or skype. Working with individuals to create a plan of action specific to their needs. An initial consultation, generally one hour to an hour an a half, is offered on a donation basis. Most people who have experienced her services have happily offered payments generally around $50 - $80, according to their capabilities. A key factor to any success is your willingness to make change. If you are motivated to take action, then Angela would love to support and empower you in your process.

If you would like more information or to set up a consultation appointment, please contact Angela

The Inspiration For My Creating This Website


I have been involved in the study, practice and experience of a healthy lifestyle for more than 40 years. In these pages I hope to share what I have found valuable and supportive. It includes what I have discovered on my own personal path and by what I have learned while assisting others.

In a world where people are becoming more and more disconnected from nature and their own bodies it seems necessary to find our way back to what is whole... to a state of well being.

Illness is running rampant, Cancer, Heart Disease. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes , Immune System Deficiencies, to name a few, are diseases we hear about regularly. More and more people are suffering from these conditions that are brought on as a result of the toxic insult we inflict on our immune systems daily.

It is time to reconnect with our bodies, supporting them rather than abusing them, so we can be FULLY alive and enjoying ourselves on this journey called life.

Kurt, whom I met in December of 1997, is the person who encouraged me to put this information onto the web. He had a different introducton into the world of Natural Therapies. He was part of the fast paced world of doing more and more: eating something quick and on the run or not at all, hyping himself up with coffee, sodas and sugary foods and then drinking beer at night to finally wind down. Not much sleep and always on the go go go, stuffing years of emotional pain deep within, NO time to deal with any of that!! Food only needed to taste good and be quick and easy. Added to this, his work and hobbies put him in constant contact with toxic chemicals.

Many people think since they are not sick, their style of living is not harming them. They do not stop to think that our bodies are always striving for Homeostasis (balance), so no matter what we do that is harmful, the body will work to accommodate our abuse.This STRESS to our systems can only go on for so long before there is a break down. We do not take notice and continue to artificially coax our bodies into action.

Years ago Kurt was diagnosed with Cancer. He realized that he needed to change or die. He made a very big change, by moving away from his stressful lifestyle. With that change came small changes in his diet, no more chemical exposure, less substance abuse and a break from emotional upsets. That was enough for his body to begin the process of release and repair, he no longer had Cancer, he was in remission.

I applauded Kurt's attitude and spiritual outlook on life and his heroic ability to over come his cancer. I also knew he was still not healthy. As he let go of his fear of what ugly demons might be unwrapped by his inquiries, he discovered he had Diabetes, which was very severe at the time and Chronic Hepatitis C which had already caused massive liver damage. This was devastating news. It was at this point that Kurt started his journey into the practice of A NATURAL and HEALTH GIVING LIFESTYLE and asked me to support him in this process.

I began to realize that most people do not know what I have known for more than 40 years. Actually, at some deep level, I think we all know but have some how forgotten or have been distracted. We have been distracted by what has been taught to us by our culture. We have been bombarded by T.V. and other forms of media. all urging us to Buy, Buy, Buy. We believe if it is on T.V. it MUST be right. We are living at such a fast pace that no one has time to prepare food or even think about what they are eating. Or worse yet, what is in the food that is being eaten. If it tastes good it must be good, right? We have become separated from who we are and how we are connected to everything around us, our food, our planet, our universe and EVERYTHING that is a part of it.

We can make simple changes that can have profound and lasting effects. Step by step taking responsibility for ourselves and rebuilding the foundation of our health. Being alive does not mean we are always experiencing life with the JOYFUL feeling of well being that we deserve and are all capable of realizing. Even in dis-ease, there can be a joy in knowing you are doing what is in balance and harmony with a greater TRUTH...a place of connection to all that exists.

Natural healing modalities work to support of our health, adding to our health, not depleting it. I am very interested in sharing simple and easily adopted practices that can be incorporated into anyones life without hardship. By utilizing whole foods, plant and other natural remedies and practicing positive emotional health strategies and attitudes, we can regenerate and maintain vibrant health. It is my feeling that the complex world of chemical additives introduced into our foods and many of our household and personal care products are a big part of the toxic overload our bodies are working hard to endure. The standard health practices or conventional as they are sometimes called, add more toxic waste for our bodies to decipher and unload. This is STRESS and it undermines our immune systems which are the foundation of our well being.

It is not my intention to diagnose or prescribe. I will only share information I have gathered first hand or have become aware of through research and investigation or the experience of others. What you do with this information is your own business.

Taking responsibility for our well being does not mean we do not require help and support. We are all part of the whole and what helps and supports one person, helps and supports us all. If you need support in this process I am available to work with you.
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